The glossary is an attempt by the curators of the symposium* to interpret, expand and problematize the use of certain terms in the Russian language and in the Russian context. These terms related to educational theories and practices imply a wide range of meanings and are often arbitrarily used by artists, curators and educators.
This section is available only in Russian and includes the translation of texts of researchers, educators and activists: Janna Graham: Para-sites like us: What is this para-sitic tendency? and The Educational Turn in Art: Rewriting the Hidden Curriculum (with Valeria Graziano and Susan Kelly), Kaija Kaitavuori: It's all mediating, Bernadette Lynch: «Good for you, but I don't care!»: critical museum pedagogy in educational and curatorial practice, Amanda Cachia: Disability, Curating, and the Educational Turn: The Contemporary Condition of Access in the Museum and Nancy Jouwe: Sites for Unlearning in the Museum. These texts offer a theoretical context for the symposium*, inviting the public to think about the role of education in museums and their periphery from a critical perspective.
Symposium* discussions have been transformed into an exchange of emails between russian and foreign researchers, curators, educators and artists. In their personal correspondence, the participants reflect on questions proposed by curators of the symposium* and talk about issues that they find important at this critical time.
In this section, the audience of the symposium* has the opportunity to directly interact with the program's participants through workshops that problematize the practices of participatory art and imagine new forms of institutionalism, as well as through discussions with the four voice messages' authors, and with Russian cultural workers.
Instead of the usual online lectures, the speakers of the symposium* were suggested the format of a voice message, like an informal address to the audience. The voice messages provide an opportunity to learn about the intellectual landscape of four international contemporary cultural workers and researchers. You can discuss these messages with speakers and other listeners in the meeting point section.
The symposium* of the the 2nd Curatorial Forum re-addresses the problems raised by the "educational turn" in order to ponder over the relationship between curatorial and educational practices in their inextricable but unequal relationships and to think together about the challenges that cultural institutions face today given all the uncertainties and complexities contemporaneity is bringing
The symposium* goes offline in January, 2021 in the form of a printed publication. Stay tuned!
The program of the symposium* invites different ways of delving into the topic of the educational u-turn and production of knowledge in contemporary culture. You are welcome to study the texts of six researchers of educational practices in art and culture (content in Russian only); listen to the voice messages of Françoise Vergès, Nora Sternfeld, Pablo Helguera and Laurence Rassel (with the possibility to comment and discuss what you hear with the authors) and immerse yourself in reading the correspondence between Carolina Rito, Laurence Rassel, Felicity Allen and Françoise Vergès and another one between Dmitry Vilensky, Pablo Helguera, Suzana Milevska and Bernadette Lynch.